We have a Nursery available for children aged 2 and under and
Kids Town for children ages K to Grade 6 during the sermon portion of the service.

Kids Town

  • What is Kids Town? - Where kids Know, Love, Serve and Praise God
  • To Know & to Love - at KidsTown we want kids to know about God and to know God and thereby grow to love Him. We are using a three-year study of the Bible called the "The Gospel Project". We are here to assist parents in the teaching of their children the ways of God.
  • To Serve - at Kidstown, kids will have the opportunity to serve. Whether by writing to kids in Ghana, providing supplies for the Monthly Projects, helping our West Zion Missionaries or singing for the congregation. Service is an important aspect of our program.
  • To Praise - Praise & Prayer - it's what the big people do, and we will do it at KidsTown as well. Expect music and prayer and to praise our amazing God each week.
  • Who can go? - Kids from kindergarten through Grade 6. Pre-School is also available for children ages 3 & 4.
  • When is it? - the kids are dismissed right before the Praise & Prayer and the Sermon portion of the service.
  • A few more things... - we want your child to be known, loved, served and praised when they come to KidsTown. We want it to be a place that is safe for learning and exploring the Bible. We want it to be fun. We want your child to come to KidsTown. We want God to be magnified and truth be spoken. We want you to know that you are welcome at anytime to come and visit KidsTown.
  • Contact - the director is Karlene Algra - 403-994-2308 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - feel free to contact her at anytime!



  • Age Range - Our nursery is available for for babies up to age 2. For children aged 3 & 4 there is the Pre-School program available during the sermon portion of the service.
  • Supplies - There are cribs, change tables, diapers, change pads, toys, and snacks available.
  • Facilities Available - We have a special private room for nursing mothers with cribs for sleeping babies and a bathroom facility all adjoining onto the main nursery room.
  • Supervision - We have people in charge of the Nursery who have a current RCMP Background Check as well as our mandatory Plan to Protect paperwork completed so that parents can leave their children in safe, caring hands while they go back and enjoy the service.
  • Closed Circuit TV of the Service - If you prefer to stay with your children we have a live video feed on TV in the nursery so that you can listen while you watch your children.

Grade 5/6 Club

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Plan to Protect

We have put Plan to Protect policies in place at West Zion to ensure a safe environment for our children and youth to fellowship, play and grow within. Please use this link to famililarize yourself with our policies and please call the office 403-337-2020 with any questions you may have.

Plan to Protect Policies


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Soccer Camp

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