Summer Events

July 29 - Youth Outreach Event - the Town of Carstairs is hosting a youth event at the Memorial Park.  7:00pm start.  There is volleyball, a Car Smash, Slip 'n Slide Kickball and the new Skatepark. All are welcome, bring your friends.

  • check back to see if we have any impromptu summer Youth events.
  • Youth going into Gr. 7 this coming fall, 2017, are welcome to join any summer events. 
  • Completed Consent Forms are required to attend West Zion Youth events.
  • regular events will start in September


Note From Pastor Keith:
Just a reminder to Roatan team members and a possible heads-up to parents that we have told the youth, and they have agreed, to place the Roatan mission team as a priority over this next year, giving us an 80% commitment to planned team activities.  Although we would love to see 100% we understand that we are not the only commitment in their lives.  From my experience with running many teen mission trips I have found a correlation between team unity and team attendance and therefore we are holding fast to the 80%. This may mean after 4 absences your youth may be cut from the team.  We do not wish for anyone to be cut and we will take into consideration extreme circumstances, like hospitalization.  In our world today the idea of commitment is taken very lightly hence the ever growing number of divorces in our communities.  A major part of this missions trip is the preparation in teaching, team unity, spiritual formation, individual development, personal assessment, discipleship building, servant leadership and the list goes on.  But to do this, we need the entire team on the same page, walking the journey together.  No meeting will be the same as the previous meeting; each meeting will be one step that leads to the next step that leads to the next.  Basically, I am trying to emphasize the importance of your youth setting these times together as a priority and they may need your help in doing this.  I would like to say once again I am very excited to have your teen on this team and I would like all of them to stay as part of the team.  I look forward to seeing their continued growth in the Lord with in the church and the community.  God bless.

If you have any questions concerning the Roatan Team, please contact me directly at either - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 587-576-1536

Pastor Keith


 West Zion's Youth Ministry exists to enable youth to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ by creating a safe and loving place for them to grow.