Service Times

People from Didsbury, Carstairs, Olds and surrounding areas come for Sunday-morning Worship.

Our worship service is a blend of traditional & contemporary music and biblical preaching & teaching.

We have one Sunday service starting at 10:00am

You can also join us on FaceBook Live @westzionchurch

Corner Stone Kids is our children's program available for children ages 3 to Grade 6 during the sermon portion of the service.

FaceBook Live

Join us on FaceBook Live @westzionchurch for Sunday morning Worship at 10:00am.

What is Worship?

One of the definitions from Merriam-Webster states that worship is "to regard with great or extravagant respect, honor, or devotion."

Worship is far more than the music or prayers you might hear in a Sunday morning service. Worship is a lifestyle of extravagant respect, honor, and devotion for Jesus Christ, expressed through complete surrender to Him. When a group comes together for corporate worship, it is a time to unite our hearts as we recognize and proclaim that "the Lord - He is God!" (1 Kings 18:39)

At West Zion, we express that worship through traditional & contemporary music styles and through biblical preaching and teaching.

Mailing Address

West Zion Mennonite Church
Box 626
Carstairs, AB
T0M 0N0

eMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 403-337-2020

Map & Directions

Google Pin

Please click on this link to use Google Maps to find West Zion - DIRECTIONS

West Zion Google Address:  

2155 Township Rd 304 #10, Carstairs, AB T0M 0N0

Coming from Calgary

Take Deerfoot Trail North which becomes QE2 highway heading towards Red Deer for about 49km (27min).  Take Exit 305 (overpass) and turn left/west at stop sign.  Cross over QE2 on overpass and turn right/north onto Highway 2A towards Carstairs.  Travel about 9km (5min) north and then turn left/west off Highway 2A onto Highway 580 (about 2.5 km south of the Town of Carstairs).  Travel west on Highway 580 for 5km (3min) and turn right/north onto RR 20.  Travel north on RR 20 for 6.5km (4min) until you see the white West Zion sign on the right at TWP Road 304.  (You will go through one stop sign on RR 20 before coming to TWP Road 304). Turn left/west onto TWP Road 304 and travel 2.5km (2 min) until you see the white church on a hill on the left. 


Coming from Red Deer

Take QE2 highway 73km (39min) south from Red Deer to the Didsbury Exit 326 and drive west 5km (3min) on Highway 582 until 4-way stop.  Turn left/south onto Highway 2A.  Drive 5km (3min) south on 2A - you will go through a coulee and then turn right/west onto WestCott Road (TWP Rd 310) and drive for 3.5km (2min) until you come to a stop sign (you will have crossed one set of train tracks).  Turn left/south onto RR 20 and travel 3.5km (2min) until you see the white West Zion sign on the left at TWP Road 304.  Turn right/west onto TWP Road 304 and travel 2.5km (2 min) until you see the white church on a hill on the left.

These maps provide alternate routes:


Legal Land Description

NW-23-30-2 W of 5th

NW Quarter
Section 23
Township 30
Range 2
West of the 5th

Emergency #: 10-2155 - TWP Rd. 304

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